Thursday, March 10, 2011

~tO ChEaT or nOt tO cHeAt~

CHEAT is refer to take something from somebody in a dishonest or unfair way. The other word is to receive somebody  and to act in a dishonest or unfair way in order to get an advantage for yourself.
Cheating is lying and the serious problem. Cheat is very common in school and university even care for boy or girl it is the same who cheat in the test or exam. 

WHY we cheat????

Firstly , I think it is because when students are not prepared for the examination they may think they are forced to, so they can pass or get a better grade and student are always lazy to study, that why there are always cheat in exam. In the other word is” emergency cheat”. 

secondly, Some students like to get high score for their general test even important test by cheatingI think this is not a good idea to use cheat during test because you have learn for nothing in your whole life. I understand there are many reasons why they do like this but something it is will become some habit to you to do cheat in examination. 

Besides that, I think why student always cheat because the exam is too difficult to answer, that why they are cheat for easy way to get the answer. 

The other example, if students cheat on their exams, they will not improve their education. It is not good. I think that students have to cheat on their exams because it is very hard for them to study for their exams. Can students study for their exams very hard? I think that some students may struggle that their exams are very hard. Therefore, they will not be successful. I think that people have to get jobs, so they must cheat on their exams.  

If you want to use way to cheat, that is fine for you but the negative thing is you have never feel proud yourself. Let say When you get a job and you cannot do the job as well as. That is so late, if you are always honest to be studying, you may be successful life.
Lastly, cheat is not good exactly especially to student for their future. So, think first when you want to cheat……..:)


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